Top 10 Reasons To Try Telephone Answering Service

1: Increased Customer Availability

Imagine having a live, friendly secretary who never sleeps, never takes breaks, is never sick, and never goes on vacation. Instead your virtual secretary is hard at work, recruiting more business for your company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


One of the key advantages of Telephone Answering Service is we provide a seamless customer service experience. The majority of callers don't realize they've reached an answering service, they are just happy to speak with a live person instead of a machine. Our live operators can take orders, dispatch, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and more. Why limit your availability to your customers to just 40 hours a week? Telephone Answering Service makes it possible for you to never shut your doors!

2: Return On Investment

Telephone Answering Service's return on investment can be over 1000%. How? By capturing lost sales and missed opportunities. TAS offers a wide array of services from order taking to appointment setting to lead capturing, all of which will help increase your company's bottom line.


If you are in a competitive industry, having a live voice to answer your calls is a must. The reason is simple. If a person calls your business and an answering machine picks up, that customer will simply call the next company in the phone book. With the help of Telephone Answering Service, you can make sure that customer's last stop is your business!

3: Unparalleled Reliability & Disaster Recovery

Communications are often a mission critical component of many businesses, especially in the medical industry. Telephone Answering Service offers the best reliability in the industry.


Operating in an emergency capacity, if your phone lines are ever down because of power outages or your telephone company is down, TAS can program your phones to automatically roll over to our call centers. Here, we have backup phone lines, backup power, backup computer systems, and offsite data storage. With multiple call centers throughout the United States, you can be sure that there will always be a live, friendly operator on the other end of the line ready, willing, and able to take your customers calls.

4: Top Quality Calling Experience

What if an answering service, wasn't just an answering service? Instead, the call center not only took a message, but actually set up the sale. The typical answering center will simply repeat a broken, montonous message to your customers. "I'm sorry, the office is closed. Would you like to leave a message?"


Here at TAS, we do things differently. Our scripting systems make it possible for us to intricately setup the customer service experience, and our operators are trained on voice quality and proper tone. All of our calls are answered right here in the United States by "accent neutral" operators. Available 24/7, you won't find a friendly, more helpful staff than the operators of Telephone Answering Service.

5: No Outsourcing - All Calls Answered In The United States

What frustrates loyal customers more than anything else? When there is an inability to understand the person on the other end of the line. While overseas call centers represent a cost savings to many larger corporations, they didn't account for the potential backlash of customers who called for support, and couldn't understand the person on the call.


Here at TAS, we support Americans, and more importantly, American jobs and American products. All of our calls are answered right here in the United States.

6: Customized Call Scripting

Proprietary scripting technologies and proven sales strategies from Telephone Answering Service's staff of experienced script writers is miles ahead of the competition. With other companies, you get a message. With TAS, you get a sale, an order, an appointment, and hopefully, a repeat customer.


Our scripts are built around one item for each customer. We attempt to provide the best all round customer service experience. That could be helping a patient request a prescription from one of our medical clients. it could be setting up a sale for a sales manager to close the next business day, or it could be to place the actual order. TAS provides proven scripts and customized scripts to maximize your companies sales & customer satisfaction.

7: Money Back Guarantee

Try our services for 30 days, and if at any point you aren't fully satisfied, get a full refund of your purchase price!

8: Dedicated Account Manager

"Press 1 for the service 2 to dial by 3 to regain your sanity and switch services to TAS! *beep*"


Ever feel like a mouse running through a maze when your just trying to get something simple done on your account? Most people do when they call large companies. At Telephone Answering Service, you'll find no maze of "press 1s" and "press 2s". Instead you'll have a dedicated number that will take you directly to your dedicated account representative. It doesn't get any easier than that!



9: Online Account Management

Versatility is at your finger tips from any internet connection or smart phone. With our online computer systems you can:


View Complete History Of Account Messages

Update On Calls On Line (Great Money Saver!)

View All Message Delivery Actions

Run Operator Efficiency Reports

Create Custom Crystal Reports

10: Experience - In Business Since 1960

TAS has been in business since 1960. For over 50 years, we have provided our customers with top notch, award winning customer service. Rest assured, when you partner with Telephone Answering Service, you are partnering with a company that is reliable, dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology, and looking to make the next 50 years in the business even more successful than the last 50 years!



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