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Event Reminders

Telephone Answering Service offers a number of ways to remind people of upcoming events. Clients of Telephone Answering Service describe dramatic increases in attendance figures. A recent client that specialized in informational seminars geared towards teaching people how to sell products online saw a jump from 32% of people who made reservations to attend showing up to over 72%. By combining the email reminder service with the telephone reminder service, the client was able to dramatically increase their bottom line by converting more sales. Let's take a closer look at the systems behind Telephone Answering Service's reminder services.

Telephone Reminder Service

The telephone reminder service for event registrations is a comprehensive service built specifically for improving attendance ratings at company functions, seminars, and events. Telephone Answering Service's computer based telephony system will generate reports specifying people who have responded to advertisements and wish to attend a seminar. Based on the seminar's date, the system will have a live operator call the attendee within a specific time frame prior to the event. Time intervals can be customized, though standard setup is typically to send an email reminder to the attendee 2 days prior to the event, and then have a live operator contact the attendee 1 day prior to the event.

Email Reminder Service

The email reminder services of Telephone Answering Service round out the two most popular mediums for communicating with prospective clients. The email reminder service is just one facet of the emailing services offered by Telephone Answering Service. The reminder email's format can be created to client specifications and be done in plain text, rtf, or html formats. Emails can be customized with logos, pictures, text, links, and more.

Email database management is available for monitoring attendees. With online roll call services from Telephone Answering Service, people who planned to attend the seminar, but who may have missed it can be stored for when the company returns to give another seminar at the location. If attendance rates are around 50% of people who originally planned to attend, there are hundreds of future prospective clients that have already shown an interest in your companies services. Telephone Answering Service can announce your companies return to a particular location, and specifically target those people who signed up to attend a previous seminar, but for one reason or another, couldn't make it.


Combining the telephone reminder service and email reminder service of Telephone Answering Service will provide an instant boost to attendance figures, increase company profitability, and improve future turn out for a location that is visited more than once. The reminder services are highly cost effective, often less than the cost of a single advertisement, and the returns generated from the reminder services pay for themselves many, many times over.

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