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Voice Mail Services

Voice mail services are fully automated answering services which provide callers with an automated voice prompt to leave a voice message or navigate through menu options when business owners are not available. Voice Mail Features:

  • Personalized Greeting
  • 24/7 Access
  • Tutorialized, Easy Setup
  • Instant Notification By Pager For New Messages
  • Combine Voice Mail With Live Operator Services
  • Direct Connect - Caller Instantly Transferred To Designated Number
  • Multi-Tier Voice Mail Box & Menu Configuration
  • Voice mail services can be utilized in a number of different ways. Here are a few examples of configuration options with voice mail service:

    Voice Mail Transfer To Live Person
    Joe the plumber closes his business, and forwards his lines to TAS's voicemail system. Joe has his voice mail system setup with a menu driven box with direct connect, and a standard message taking box. When a customer calls in, they are prompted to press 1 in the event of an emergency, or press 2 to leave a message for the office. If a caller presses 1 on the menu driven voice mail box, the voice mail system will transfer that caller directly to Joe's cell phone. If the caller presses 2, they are taken to a message taking voice mail box, hear a personalized greeting, and are prompted to leave a message.

    Standard Voice Mail Box
    John the lawyer simply wants to get messages at cetain points of the day so that he can work without being disturbed. When John doesn't want to get client calls, he forwards his telephone to TAS's voice mail system. He can then work without distratctions, and then pick up any messages clients may have left when he feels necessary.

    Company Voice Mail Boxes
    Companies can have a multi-tiered, menu-driven voicemail system with directory support that will transfer callers to a standard message taking voice mail box for individual employees. Employees are able to then call in and listen to any messages that may have come in for the company.

    Note About Voice Mail Systems: To utilize the voice mail systems of TAS, customers must call forward their phone lines to the answering service - meaning, no calls will come into the customers phone line until call forwarding is turned off.


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