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Live Operator Support

The live operator support services of Telephone Answering Service are second to none. Operators routinely go above and beyond to ensure total customer satisfaction. The live operators (also called remote receptionists or virtual receptionists) who answer calls here at Telephone Answering Service are professional, meticulous, and precise in their handling of your business's calls. Hundreds of businesses rely on Telephone Answering Service to field millions of calls to make a positive first impression on their customers and provide top quality support 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. When you need a live operator to answer your calls for after hours emergency support or during the course of normal business operations, no other answering services' personnel offer your more than the staff of Telephone Answering Service.

Live Operators Mean More Business

Did you know that with a live operator answering your telephones, you are 30% more likely to have the person leave a message compared with voicemail? This message taking probability varies across business types being based on a multitude of variables such as competition, previous business relations, etc. Still, voice mail and automated answering systems have their place in today's fast paced business world.

Let's look at this scenario more in depth, and say a business receives 1000 calls per month. Of these 1000 calls, 500 callers typically leave voice mail messages. Under the same scenario with a live operator, the company would likely have received 650 messages (or 30% more), or an additional 150 prospective job leads. If their sales success rate is 33%, that is an additional 50 jobs per month! The best part of this scenario is that in many instances when Telephone Answering Service is able to provide your company with a single additional sale, this sale will likely pay for the answering service for many months!

Telephone Answering Service offers 24/7 live operator support , automated answering system with live operator option , and fully automated call answering. Which option should you choose: 24/7 live support, live operator option, or fully automated call answering? For a detailed analysis of each business solution, please visit our answering service comparison page.

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