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After Hours Emergency Support

Handling after hour customer emergency situations is critical to the success of many businesses. Knowing that the answering service you partner with is reliable, fast, and precise when it comes to routing after hours emergency calls brings peace of mind to many business owners. If you would like to see how TAS has handled after hours emergencies with companies similar to your company, please visit our answering service business applications section of our web site.

Telephone Answering Service brings reliability, speed and precision to each after hours call. With the technology that supports the customer service agents of Telephone Answering Service, qualification of after hours emergencies, information gathering, and dispatch routing are optimized. While TAS competes extremely well on price, a hidden cost is lost sales due to poor service by the answering service. With the techniques and technology deployed at Telephone Answering Service, you can be assured your customers will be treated with the utmost care, and handled correctly each and every time they call.

Telehpone Answering Service After Hours Emergency Support

One of the biggest problem facing the average answering service is that they have difficulty classifying calls as an emergency or non-emergency. If you have an operator who may answer for 500 different accounts, you may have some indecisions as to what is an emergency and what isn't. Here at TAS, the technology that supports the customer service agents is so advanced that it will classify the call for the operator based on standard job types. To add additional reliability, all on call information is managed by our customers via our online customer interface, Answerweb (or by calling in). TAS customers log in to the system, and with a few mouse clicks can quickly and easily change their on call.

When an emergency call comes in to TAS, the computer systems and customer service agents go to work. If you are looking for the absolute fastest dispatch times, check out our call patching. The customer is never off the phone. They are immediately connected to the on call. This process can be completely automated via our automated call dispatch or our live customer service agents can connect the call directly to the on call.

Customized scripting and the technology behind the TAS call center provide for precise call handling and information gathering. Customer service agents face rigorous trainning before ever taking a call and have monthly reviews to ensure they are handling accounts in a professional fashion.


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