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Event Registration and Reminders

Event registration services from Telephone Answering Service is a great way for companies to accept RSVPs for upcoming events, functions, and seminars. Couple the event registration service with the event reminder service and/or email reminder service, and see your attendance numbers increase substantially. Recently, after utilizing Telephone Answering Service's event registration and reminder services, a nation-wide informational seminar company saw attendance ratings jump from 32% of people who responded to their advertisements and planned to attend - to over 72%

One of the highest costs for companies is main stream advertisting. Television, radio, and print advertisements can quickly run into the tens of thousands of dollars. More than doubling your attendance with the help of Telephone Answering Service will send ROI figures soaring, and quickly add to the company's bottom line. All three services offered by Telephone Answering Service are cost effective, and monthly costs rarely eclipse the cost of a single advertisement.

Telephone Answering Service uses a three pronged approach to ensure your seminars, functions, and company events will see more attendees.

Accept RSVPs Available 24/7 with up to 48 inbound lines for accepting clients who wish to attend the function.
Contact Confirmed RSVPs w/ Phone Reminder 2 days prior to the event - A list of attendees is generated for CSRs to call and remind about the upcoming function.
Contact Confirmed RSVPs w/ Email 1 day prior to the event - A batch email is sent out to attendees reminding them of the upcoming function.


Event Registration - Accepting RSVPs

Telephone Answering Service's Event Registration provides a customized template to extract the required information from callers while tracking information useful for future advertising and marketing. When accepting new attendee RSVPs for upcoming events or seminars, information can be collected from the attendee that includes the attendee's name, number, address, email, how they heard about the seminar, the time and date of the event they wish to attend, and much more. Information collected from attendee's is customized to client specifications, and available in a number of different fashions for the client to view. For more information on event registration standard message delivery options, please visit our message delivery page. Telephone answering service also offers enhanced RSVP client notification options such as, database EDI integration services, weekly .CSV summary reporting, online RSVP "check off" services and reporting, and more.

Event Registration - Reminders

Event registration services can be used on a solitary basis, however, for companies looking to bost attendance numbers, the event reminders and email reminder services are a must. The main reason attendees don't come to a seminar is simply because they forget. For instance, a client runs seminar advertisements on the radio. The people who call in to attend the seminar will likely be driving in their cars. Its easy enough to call a number while driving, but making a note to attend the seminar is often much more difficult, and people who have called in to register to attend will simply forget. With the reminder services, Telephone Answering Service provides a courteous, professional reminder to attendees at short interval prior to the date of the seminar via the two most popular communications mediums (telephone and email) to remind attendees of the upcoming event. Telephone Anwering Service guarantees an increase in the number of people attending company events and seminars with the use of the event reminder and email reminder services.



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