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Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing by Telephone Answering Service provides comprehensive customer call handling solutions for companies of all sizes throughout the United States. All calls are answerwed right here in the United States by live operators. Companies considering outsourcing customer calls to a call center like Telephone Answering Service generally do so for the following reasons:

Top 5 Reasons For Call Center Outsourcing

Company Growth & Expansion
Department Costs
Improve Customer Service & Expand Company Availability
High, Low, or Fluctuating Call Center Volume

Company Growth and Expansion

One of the most prevalent reasons for outsourcing is a company's rate of growth. The limitations associated with facility size, call center equipment, employees, and cost factors can cripple a company's growth the point of stagnation. While company managers and suppliers may be poised for company growth, the call center may not be able to handle the demand if the product meets with accelerated levels of success.

Department Costs

The other most prevalent reason for call center outsourcing may be insufficient profit margins or elevated costs. These line items directly correlate to the running and management of the call center. Typically, labor will account for 70% of the costs associated with running a call center. The best in-house call centers in the US claim efficiency ratings of 70-80%, with average and poorly performing call centers operating well below these figures. The efficiency of a call center agent relates to the overall productivity of the agent and the ratio of time spent on the phone with customers versus work breaks, inactivity, lag in calls, etc. Investment in such sectors of the company will rarely make any return on what the company invests if the sector does not include the company's main sales force.


Perhaps the primary skill set of the company does not revolve around the customer service call center. Call centers take a wide variety of skill sets to manage, yet the returns on in-house call center services are often miniscule compared to the time and resources they consume. This is reasoning behind automated call features and menu driven phone systems. If a company has limited experience in operating a call center, it is not unusual for the cost of the in-house call center to exceed its forecasted returns.

Improve Customer Service

Many of today's call centers are overtaxed by the customers calling in. Efficiency within these call centers may be waning due to an increase in sales, an increase in customer service issues as products age and become dysfunctional, or due to increased call volume associated with a product recall. Nothing will alienate current customers faster than excessive hold times because the call center is overburdened or the operators providing poor service due to being over stressed..

High, Low, or Fluctuating Call Center Volume

Perhaps the volume the call center receives doesn't justify the cost of having a staff on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Another possibility is that the call center volume fluctuates throughout the day. From 9am-5pm, an in-house call center may take the marjority of the calls, while Telephone Answering Service manages the overflow and after business hours calls. With proper synergistic systems and electronic integration, having Telephone Answering Service handle overflow calls and after hours calls will greatly increase the overall efficiency of the in-house call center and improve company profitability..


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