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Message Taking

Message taking has been the cornerstone of answering services since the invention of the telephone. No service is more simplistic or basic than taking a simple message. TAS has taken the initiative to enhance basic message taking and revised how to take messages, what information to get in messages, how to retrieve messages, and message delivery.

Upon setting up your account with telephone answering service, you will notice a distinct difference. We do not simply get a name, number, and message. We offer an array of message managment services that help you to manage inbound customer calls. Login to your account on Answerweb, and view all of the details on a particular message, see all actions associated with delivering that message, or deliver out the message yourself when you choose.

What is included in your messages is customized to your specifications based on call type. For instance, say the call is from a prospective customer. Perhaps you would like to get their name, number, secondary number, best time to call, address, how they heard about your company, and a general message. All of this information is included, and guaranteed corrrect from TAS.



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