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Automated Call Answering

Customer service via call centers can be simplified into three methodologies for handling inbound customer calls. Fully automated call answering via phone menu options, Partially automated answering wtih live operator support, and live operator only support. The most cost effective solution of the three options provided by Telephone Answering is fully automated answering.

Automated Call Answering Components

Telephone Menu Driven Options
Customized menu options present the customer with choices catered to the business's standard service offerings. An excellent method for filtering emergency calls from non-emergency calls, automated call answering with recorded menu options is a cost effective solution to having a live person answer the phones 24/7.

An example scenario of automated call routing would be for an HVAC company. When the customer calls to the HVAC company during the business hours, the customer calls will be answered by the business owners. When closing time comes, the HVAC company will forward their phone lines to Telephone Anwering When a customer calls the HVAC company while its lines are forwarded to Telephone Answering, the customer will receive an automated or recorded response. "Thank you for calling HVAC company, if you have an emergency, and need to speak with someone immediately please press 1. For all other callers, please leave your name and number, and an HVAC representative will call you as soon as we get back into the office. Thank you!" If the customer presses 1 because they have a heating or air emergency, the call can be transfered directly to an HVAC representatives on call cell phone. All non-emergency calls would be transferred to a voice mail account, able to be accessed by the business when they return to work.

The primary benefits of automated answering solutions from telephone answering are their cost savings. For less than $1/day, your company can provided 24/7 coverage of emergencies, and expand availability to your customers by over 300%! Many companies dramatically increase sales by providing emergency service at premium prices for providing after hours emergency service.


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