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24/7 Customer Support & Assistance

An economically feasible solution for businesses of all sizes, Telephone Answering Serivce offers 24/7 customer support & assistance for your clients calling in before, during, and after normal business hours. A wide range of options are available to assist customers 24/7/365 should they need after hours emergency services, simple message taking, virtual receptionist services, to enter an order with a live operator, or require some other answering service.

Utilizing some of the most advanced telephony based software available, such as the 3G Scripting technology, the customer service representatives of TAS are able to provide customer support on a wide range of company services and products in a variety of situations. TAS clients appreciate the fluid, natural call flow that each caller receives, as opposed to the robotic, confused, or "sorry, they're out of the office, I can't help you" call pattern found in many other answering services.

Allowing Telephone Answering Service to provide 24/7 customer support expands your company's availability from 40-50 hours per week to 168 hous per week, or an increase of 420%! By providing customers with live operators that they can reach 24/7 for customer support, you increase your ability to not only compete for a sale, you will also see an increase in sales - guaranteed.

Live Customer Support Makes Cents!

The math is simple. Let's consider an example of a plumbing company whose average job nets $250. People are about 30% more likely to leave a message with a live person than they are to leave a message with a voice mail system. The plumbing company uses a voice mail system, and gets about 100 messages per month, of which, they make a sale 30% of the time. By switching to the live operator customer services of Telephone Answering Service, the same company would see a jump from 100 messages to around 130 messages per month. If the company is able to maintain its sales success rate of 30%, the company would recieve an additional 9 jobs per week, netting the company an additional $2250 in sales for the month! The cost of the answering services here at TAS are less than 1/20 of the increase in net sales this company would see, meaning the return on investment a customer would see by utilizing the answering services here at answerphone would be around 1850%.


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