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Emergency Dispatch

Certain businesses have to make themselves available to their clients 24 hours a day. Emergency dispatching services from Telephone Answering Service feature precision call routing, on call management, Answerweb, call flow charting, and guaranteed correct message taking. Cutting-edge technological applications guide the customer service agents of Telephone Answering Service throughout the call and message delivery process. The computer based systems of Telephone Answering Service allow the customer service agents to focus their efforts on providing top quality customer service and giving the customer their full attention. Attention to detail is extremely important when handling emergency dispatch calls.

From medical emergency dispatch for doctors answering services to dispatching an on call plumber in response to water leakage, Telephone Answering Service emergency dispatch services are available 24/7 for after hours emergency support.

Telephone Answering Service emergency dispatch has the computer systems in place to monitor all activity on an emergency dispatch call from start to finish, allowing our customers to monitor each step in the call handling process. Here is how a typical call would flow based on an emergency dipatch call situation for a home restoration service, followed by an example of how a call would flow for a doctor's office. There a hundreds of combinations on how to dispatch emergency calls customerized according to each customers preference.. Please see message delivery for a complete list of options.

Home Restoration Company - Emergency Dispatch

Emergency Dispatching Call Flow

1) Operator answers in company name
2) Operator selects call type from customized menu - "service call"
3) Operator selects typical job type from menu- "water leakage"
4) Operator collects customer information
5) Computer system recognizes "water leakage" as emergency, elevates to priority
6) Computer system automatically sends text message to on call, email to primary email box, and updates Answerweb
7) Computer priority list shows operator who to contact, their primary contact preference, and at what interval to contact them if they are unreachable
8) Operator reaches on call, and makes sure they recieved the text message
9) Operator delivers out message & Answerweb updates all call & message actions taken to allow viewing by home restoration company

Medical Doctor's Office - Emergency Dispatch

Emergency Dispatching Call Flow

1) Operator answers using the name of the office "Dr. Smith's Office, How May I Help You?"
2) Operator selects call type from customized menu "Doctor Referral" & gets name and number
3) Computer system recognizes "Doctor Referal" requires emergency dispatch
4) Computer system pops call patching screen
5) Computer system looks at who "Dr. Smith's Office" has put on call via Answerweb
6) On call patching screen, Answerweb tells operator Dr. Smith is on call
7) Operator places caller on hold, and contact's Dr. Smith on his preferred contact method
8) Operator connects Dr. Smith directly to caller, and hangs up
9) System updates Answerweb w/ the oncall name of the person the call was patched to, sends copy of message to customer's fax machine, and delivers out the message.

Emergency Dispatching can be customized to Telephone Answering Service clients' specifications in a number of ways. For instance, drop down menus with typical job types can be customized to client specifications, and emergency dispatch can be performed according to the type of job. A more simplistic stance is to leave emergency dispatching decisions up to the customer. For instance, in our medical example, the operator can ask a the caller, "Would you like me to contact the on call doctor?", or "Is this an emergency?" Based on the patient response, the computer system will instruct the operator to use the message delivery option selected by the customer.

With Telephone Answering Service, dropped calls are a thing of the past. TAS customers are able to monitor their emergency calls from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection or telephone. Improper call routing and contacting the wrong on call are a relic of the past. Guaranteeing the information collected from callers, and backing that information up with full time call recording enables Telephone Answering Service to provide unparalleled quality, reliability, and accuracy when it comes to emergency dispatching.



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