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Remote Receptionist | Virtual Receptionist | Secretarial Services

A remote receptionist is the same as a virtual receptionist or providing secretarial services. The virtual receptionist or remote receptionist all provide the same secretarial type services from a remote location. Please don't confuse a virtual receptionist with an automated answering service. All of the virtual receptionist services are provided by live operators.

The live virtual receptionist services of Telephone Answering Service can provide your business with virtually all of the services of a normal receptionist from a remote location. Granted Telephone Answering Service's remote receptionists can't go out and get donuts, but the remote receptionist's pricing isn't anywhere near the average $35-40,000 the average secretary salary either.

The remote receptionist services offered by Telephone Answering Service were created for business professionals who are just starting out, work out of their home, or prefer to focus on their business rather than managing employees.

Remote Receptionist or Virtual Receptionist Benefits

Increased Sales Larger Business Perception
Very Inexpensive Compared To Employee Costs Expanded Company Availability
No Sick Days, Holidays, or Vacations No Added TAXES!
No Contracts Or Hiring Use The Service 24/7 Or Only When You Need It
Provides The Majority Of Services A Receptionist Provides Reduce Company Overhead Expenses


Remote Receptionist Services | Virtual Receptionist Services

Call Patching Call Classification
Message Taking Call Screening & Filtering
Message Delivery Credit Card Processing
Customer Support Appointment Setting

Telephone Answering Service provides professional, courteous, and precise virtual receptionist and remote receptionist services. Enlist the services of Telephone Answering Service, and see why hundreds of business rely on Telephone Answering Service to field millions of calls!


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